Meet The Two Mompreneurs Hosting Wellness Retreats Around The World
Photo Credit: Courtesy of The Trip Wish List

Photo Credit: Courtesy of The Trip Wish List

Meet The Two Mompreneurs Hosting Wellness Retreats Around The World

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DeAnna Taylor
DeAnna Taylor Dec 27, 2019

For former Harvard classmates turned mompreneurs Taryn White and Kendra Blackett-Dibinga, living a well-rounded and healthy lifestyle is key. The two women, who each run their own respective businesses, decided to join together to share their gifts with others.

Memphis native Taryn started her platform, The Trip Wish List, to get people interested in actually taking those bucket list trips they always dreamed about.

Photo by Drew Xeron

“I’m a believer that when you write something down, you’re more intentional about pursuing it,” Taryn told Travel Noire. “The same also applies to travel.”

She curates trips in the active wellness space for individuals as well as groups. She will soon launch an app to reach even more people around the globe.

Kendra is the owner of Bikram Yoga Works. She initially started it as a traditional studio but just a year in decided to also add in yearly retreats in Mexico for her clients. After about 3 years of hosting the successful retreats, she wanted to take things up a notch.

Photo by Drew Xeron

That’s when Kendra and Taryn decided to bring their two babies together to host even bigger wellness retreats around the world.

“It’s a chance for us as Black women to promote yoga and wellness among our own community,” Kendra said.

Taryn puts together the itinerary for the retreats, which are normally 7 days long and cost about $2,000 per person (not inclusive of airfare). So far they have traveled to Bali and Costa Rica. In March they will host a sold-out retreat in Morocco.

There will be a shorter “mini-retreat” in Bermuda in November. The registration for that trip will open up in March.

“We try to get an idea of the interest from our customers and pick destinations that are interesting to the Diaspora,” Taryn said.

Courtesy of The Trip Wish List

During the 7 days, attendees participate in yoga classes, go on tours, and simply relax and bond with like-minded people. The women have deep conversations as well that lead to long-lasting friendships. The yoga serves as a community builder and bonding experience.

“Women are the primary caretakers of families. Once we really start focusing on our health and wellness, it’s almost revolutionary. We can change our community,” Kendra said.

To learn more about the retreats you can find them on To catch more from Taryn follow her on IG at: @taryntraveler. To catch more from Kendra, check her out at: @blackettdibinga.

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