5 IG Moments From Accra Fashion Week That Blew Us Away
Photo Credit: Mikoko Delux/ Accra Fashion Week

Photo Credit: Mikoko Delux/ Accra Fashion Week

5 IG Moments From Accra Fashion Week That Blew Us Away

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DeAnna Taylor
DeAnna Taylor Dec 14, 2021

Last week, African fashion designers from around the globe came together to showcase their talents at the 2021 Accra Fashion Week.

Although not heavily covered by the media, we couldn’t help but notice the stunning looks and models that made this week of fashion what it was. From Dec. 9-12, the 5th installment of the annual event featured parties, seminars, model contests, and of course a full display of unique African fashion.

We wanted to share a few of our favorite looks from the runway, so you can be blown away, too. Here are X moments from Accra Fashion Week we couldn’t help but mention. While most designers weren’t tagged in the event’s official photos on Instagram, we wanted to shout out Meg Morrison (Ghana), Pelliguen (Ghana), FNEtia (UK), Clavon Leonard (USA), and Fundiva Exclusives(Nigeria)— some of the African designers who participated in the 2021 event. You can also find the full list of designers (and photos) here.

Gorgeous in green

This green, sequin dress is gorgeous. And, the model is even more beautiful.

Even the babies ate

Accra Fashion Week is definitely a family-affair. Even the children walked the runway to showcase the designer’s looks.

Giving Naomi a run for her money

These models definitely understood the ‘bring your best walk’ assignment. Also, can we get into this high-shoulder dress?!

Then men also came through

Yes, the men’s fashions were also on full display, and they did not disappoint. Take a look at slide one and three of this post to see what we mean.

This combo of prints...fire!

We absolutely love how this designer combined traditional prints with an animal print.

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