Mom And Son Hand Out Earplugs To Fellow Passengers In Case Of Child's Meltdown
Photo Credit: pexels-vlada-karpovich

Photo Credit: pexels-vlada-karpovich

Mom And Son Hand Out Earplugs To Fellow Passengers In Case Of Child's Meltdown

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Spencer Jones
Spencer Jones Sep 9, 2022

Most people who have flown know what it’s like when a baby or young child starts crying. Sometimes it’s fleeting, sometimes it isn’t, and parents usually try their best to calm them.

One mother in China decided to take a unique approach in anticipation of her child’s meltdown. She and her son went down the aisle of the plane before take-off, and gave out 100 goodie bags with earplugs and candy. Also included was a thank you note and adorable drawings of animals.

The plane was due to take-off from Taiyuan, the capital city of the Shanxi Province.

“My son is 20 months old and may get out of control and cry. I am afraid that he may disturb other passengers, so I’d better remind them ahead of the flight,” the mother says in the video. “If parents show an attitude of gratitude and offer an apology to fellow passengers, I believe they can put up with the children.”

According to Next Shark, “the video garnered over 6.1 million views and 114,300 likes since being uploaded on Sunday.”

The publication posted the video on their Instagram and got a mixed response.

“While this is very sweet, I’m so sorry for the mom that she feels she has to go to all that trouble…people need to be more understanding about children,” wrote one user.

“Kinda messed up that as a society the mom has to go thru lengths to make everyone else comfortable on something babies naturally do because THEY ARE CHILDREN,” said another.

One person had an interesting take: “It’s interesting the ‘normalize kids being kids’ argument. Because she is. She isn’t telling her kid to stop crying. She’s anticipating that her 20-month- old may have emotional outbursts. She is letting her kid react while simultaneously respecting other people’s shared spaces. I think it’s a pretty kind gesture and displays to her kid that hey, your actions affect other people and we should mutually respect each other. These lessons carry into adulthood.”

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