Here's A Look At Modern Streetwear Around The World
Photo Credit: Cecilie_Arcurs | Getty Images

Photo Credit: Cecilie_Arcurs | Getty Images

Here's A Look At Modern Streetwear Around The World

Brazil , France , Ghana , South Africa , Thailand
Leah Freeman-Haskin
Leah Freeman-Haskin Oct 2, 2019

Across the globe, hoodies and track pants are showing up on runways, taking streetwear out of the counterculture and into luxury fashion. Here is a glimpse of streetwear trends across the globe and some of the top brands making waves in the industry.

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Africa’s streetwear of the 90’s was largely influenced my American culture and designers. Today, the continent is reshaping streetwear thanks to African entrepreneurs like Mogomotsi Magome and Mthunzi Nkosi the duo behind urban wear label Iintsizwa Ziphelele, to make it their own.

Sanusi Lagos


Emerging street wear brands are making their marks across Korea, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore. A stroll through most cities in these countries and you will see everything from oversized, pastel-colored hoodies to bomber jackets splashed with expressive graffiti as well as gender-bending styles that pull inspiration from hikers, soldiers, and even traffic police.

Cres D. Dim
Tsumori Chisato

North America

Supreme may be the brand that rules, well, supreme, when it comes to American streetwear, but with so many other notable brands making their mark on the scene, it’s easy to see how streetwear has become more than just a counterculture fashion and has moved into the mainstream.


South America

Minimalist designs and classic shapes are the norm for South American streetwear that is largely influenced by the skater community and local artists. Brazil is one country that has proudly made its mark on the sneaker culture scene, creating a voice of its own.

High Company

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Streetwear is still dominating the scene throughout Europe, however designers are moving away from the tracksuit and leaning towards relaxed tailoring. Man purses have also taken over with the emergence of “dad style” arriving in Milan and Paris.

Shura Gang

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