Travel Trend Alert: Why Micro Hotels Are Perfect For Those Who Love To Explore
Photo Credit: 10'000 Hours | Getty Images

Photo Credit: 10'000 Hours | Getty Images

Travel Trend Alert: Why Micro Hotels Are Perfect For Those Who Love To Explore

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Kelsey Marie
Kelsey Marie Sep 30, 2020

Over the years, travel trends have come and gone. This year, a new trend is on the horizon: micro hotels. These properties are located in some of the most captivating destinations in the world and attract the savviest of travelers.

What exactly is a micro-hotel? Micro hotels have really tiny rooms which provide a budget-friendly option to travelers while maintaining high-quality amenities. 

The idea for micro hotels came from Japanese capsule pods which first appeared in Osaka during the 1970s. The capsule pods were catered to businessmen who were working during the day and lived far from home, so sometimes needed a space where they can take a shower and sleep. 

Microhotels today are popping up globally and are being designed with functionally and style at the forefront. 

Not only can you self check-in to micro hotels, but you’ll also have the chance to stay in cities like Paris, London, and New York City for affordable rates. 

Although the rooms are small, about 125 to 250 square feet in space, they are located in prime areas and have plush beds, foldable desks, and blackout curtains. 

The rooms are designed for those who love to explore all day and come back to a comfortable room at night. 

Micro hotels have now become accessible through mega hotel chains like Hilton and Marriot. Marriot’s Moxy currently has 44 locations in Asia, Europe, and North America with 96 openings in the pipeline including in the Caribbean and Latin America. 

Head to Williamsburg, Brooklyn for a stay at The Hoxton Williamsburg hotel, where you can find lower prices on micro rooms. 

So whether you prioritize spending your travel funds on activities and food over accommodations or simply want a new experience, check out a micro-hotel for functionality and a new way to travel.

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