Miami Beach To Impose Spring Break Alcohol Restrictions
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Photo Credit: Getty Images

Miami Beach To Impose Spring Break Alcohol Restrictions

Amara Amaryah
Amara Amaryah Mar 1, 2022

During the busiest two weeks of Spring Break, alcohol sales will be restricted after 2 am in some areas of the Miami Beach region. 

While many Spring Breakers prepare to head to South Florida, Miami Beach is preparing itself for what tends to be an extremely busy and chaotic time for residents.

Between March 7 and March 21, it has been ruled that alcohol sales will be forbidden. Currently, the last call is 5 am but following last year’s chaos, the new restriction has been put into place in hopes to avoid the disastrous effects of 2021’s Spring Break period.

Last year, on March 20, Miami Beach imposed an 8 pm curfew following an array of violent outbreaks, largely alcohol induced. One notable event that involved drunken partiers was a crowd of hundreds who had formed a mob and used tables and chairs as weapons. There were also hundreds of arrests and gun seizures during this period last year. 

In regards to the decision to impose alcohol sale restrictions this year, on Wednesday Miami Beach mayor Dan Gelber stated that “During March – on either side of St. Patrick’s Day, at the high point of Spring Break – the disorder in our city is intolerable. It’s just that simple,”.

Alex Fernandez, Miami Beach city commissioner also commented, sharing that the decision will “ensure a safe environment as we protect the quality of life of our residents in a temporary ordinance.”

In anticipation of any further action that may be needed during the height of the Spring Break period following the new restrictions, Gelber and commissioners have noted how necessary it will be to free up police during this time. 

Many in the local area believe that the restrictions are unfair and won’t be as successful as hoped. Commissioners still voted for the latest ruling 4-3 despite opposition from nightclub operators and employees who argued that a ban would cost them money in comparison to clubs, restaurants and hotels.

Jimmy Resnick, the landlord for South Beach club Exchange Miami told CNN “[t]hey have to close at two o’clock. You walk approximately a block and a half and you’re at Mr. Jones – they get to open until 5 o’clock… it’s ludicrous,’. 

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