Meet The Black Women Behind Denver's Culture Museum & Museum For Black Girls
Photo Credit: DeAnna Taylor

Photo Credit: DeAnna Taylor

Meet The Black Women Behind Denver's Culture Museum & Museum For Black Girls

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DeAnna Taylor
DeAnna Taylor Jan 18, 2022

It’s no denying that Black people have influenced society for decades. From our hairstyles, fashion sense, and we can’t forget the phrases and terms we’ve coined throughout the years that seem to be everywhere. But how do you bottle all of that up into one place, for everyone to see? Welcome to Denver’s Culture Museum.

We recently had the opportunity to pop into the museum before its opening this week, and we wanted to share a little about what you can expect.

Meet Co-owner Charlie Billingsly

Charlie Billingsly co-owns Denver’s Culture museum along with The Museum for Black Girls which is now touring in Houston.

As a Denver resident, she wanted to be able to create a safe space for Black men and women to come and just be.

“Living in Denver, people are always asking me, ‘where are the Black people? Where are the Black hangouts.’ I couldn’t really think of many, so I wanted to create a space for us all to come.”

She, along, with her co-owner, tap local Colorado artists of color to contribute to the installations featured. It’s really a community effort.

The duo is also behind the area’s popular Museum for Black Girls, which they have now taken to Houston for the next few months.

“The goal is to take the exhibits to different cities. Right now we are looking at DC and Atlanta next.”

What can you expect at Denver's Culture Museum?

The aim of the selfie-inspired museum is to highlight and educate on different iconic moments from Black culture.

The space is broken out into “rooms,” that each showcase something different. From a mock barbershop— because it’s a staple institution for Black men and boys across the country, to a 90s sitcom-themed room that has photos from all of our favorite shows— including Martin.

“We rolled the Rap Snacks wall over from Museum for Black Girls because it was so popular. We try to rotate exhibits out every month, to keep people coming back more than just once.”

Where is it located?

The Culture Museum is located at 1421 26th St. in Denver, Colorado. You can visit the website to purchase tickets and reserve a time slot.

It is open Friday-Sunday only, and time slots span from 3pm- 8p. Tickets are $22.


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