Marriott Hotel Employees Reach Tentative Agreement After Two-Month Strike
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Photo Credit: Getty Images

Marriott Hotel Employees Reach Tentative Agreement After Two-Month Strike

Sharelle Burt
Sharelle Burt Dec 4, 2018

The strike is over for Marriott hotel employees as they have finally come to a tentative agreement, ending one of their longest strikes in years.

Beginning back in early October, close to 3,000 employees in the San Francisco area chanted and marched demanding better pay, lighter schedules, and a better work environment. Planning to return to work on Wednesday, employees agreed to come back after a 99.6 percent vote in favor of the contract. Covering several hotels, the workers’ representative, Anand Singh, is positive this news will start moving things in the right direction.

“We think it meets all of our goals and expectations,” Singh said. “This immediately sets the standard for hotel workers in this city.”

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San Francisco isn’t the only place with unsatisfied workers: Marriott employees in Oakland, San Jose, San Diego, Detroit, Boston, and Hawaii have also announced their displeasure. Reports in Maui and Oahu say that workers were granted a $6-per-hour wage increase, the first pay raise in over four years. With Marriott being the world’s largest hotel operator, the company doesn’t expect the strike to affect the financials since the gross fee revenue went up higher than expected. It rose 13 percent year-over-year in the third quarter to $932 million.

Alliance Bernstein senior analyst David Beckel says that the data breach affecting close to 500 million people could do more damage to the company’s brand.

To cover shifts during the strike, Marriott housed temporary employees to keep up with the workload. However, temps claim they weren’t being paid on time and were fired due to speaking with union leaders.

Events hosted by Blavity, Shanti Project, Chicana Latina Foundation, Bay Area Wilderness Training, and Communications Network moved out of Marriott hotels in support of the workers, costing the company thousands of dollars.

Regardless of the strike, Marriott hopes to still be a strong choice for hotel owners due to its scale, with the company expecting a rise in revenue per room from one to three percent in 2019.

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