As the coronavirus pandemic continues to spread across the world, it feels like a global competition has emerged to find a vaccine or cure with the United States, China, and Europe taking most of the attention. But other governments have taken matters into their own hands.  The president of Madagascar, Andry Rajoelina, officially launched a local herbal remedy some believe can prevent and cure patients suffering from COVID-19, according to

The herbal remedy contains ingredients local to the continent including Artemisia, a plant cultivated on the Big Island to fight against malaria. Besides Madagascar, Artemisia is also cultivated in Cameroon, Kenya, Ethiopia, South Africa, Mozambique, Tanzania, Uganda, and Zambia.

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“All trials and tests have been conducted and its effectiveness in reducing the elimination of symptoms has been proven for the treatment of patients with COVID-19 in Madagascar,” the president said in a recent presentation to the press, where he also confirmed that the remedy had cured two COVID-19 cases.

The herbal remedy was developed by Congolese Doctor, Dr. Jerome Munyagi in partnership with the Malagasy Institute of Applied Research and branded COVID Organics. Due to the positive effects on recent patients, the herbal remedy is now mandatory for children returning to school.

“The COVID-Organics will be distributed free of charge to our most vulnerable compatriots and sold at very low prices to others. All profits will be donated to IMRA to finance scientific research,” the president wrote on Twitter.

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The President also stressed that clinical studies are currently underway, but his sentiments seemed hopeful for the possibilities and impact this could have in the fight against the virus.

As of May 4, Madagascar has 149 confirmed cases and zero deaths, according to Johns Hopkins’ Coronavirus Research Center.

The CDC and FDA have not confirmed whether Artemisia or any of the ingredients in Madagascar’s COVID Organics can truly cure COVID-19. For now, social distancing and taking proper hygienic measures will decrease your likeliness of contracting the disease. If you or a loved one feel sick or believe you may be experiencing symptoms of the coronavirus, please seek medical assistance.