Looking For A Place To Stay In Cuba? Try A 'Casa Particular'
Photo Credit: ©Unsplash |Persnickety Prints

Photo Credit: ©Unsplash |Persnickety Prints

Looking For A Place To Stay In Cuba? Try A 'Casa Particular'

Bianca Lambert
Bianca Lambert Oct 10, 2018

Ever since the U.S. restored its relationship with Cuba back in 2015 (thank you, President Obama), American tourists have set their sights on the iconic city — with stipulations of course. You must state that you’re going for one of these reasons, which include “support of the Cuban people.” One of the best ways to help Cuba’s economy is to stay at a casa particular, which means “private home” in Spanish.


In 1997, the Cuban government permitted citizens to register their homes as a privately owned business to host tourists.


There are a few hotels available in Cuba (they must not be government run if you’re a U.S. citizen) if you’re a traveler that prefers that experience, but casa particulars allow travelers to immerse themselves in Cuban culture while directly contributing to tourism and supporting the economic freedom of the homeowners.


Casa particulars are also roomier than the traditional private room rentals you’ll find on home sharing sites, and many come with private bathrooms. Some are in separate homes entirely. Some hosts also offer breakfast and tour options. Many can help you call a cab when you’re ready to explore or head to the airport.


If you’re not fluent in Spanish, the hosts can be a great asset as well, since some natives are bilingual. If there is a room you’re eyeing, reach out to the host and ask if they speak your native language — much of the time that information is noted in the home listing.


If you’re interested in booking a casa particular, Airbnb offers a host of options, and thanks to reviews, you’ll be able to select a casa that speaks to your travel needs. One thing to note, wifi isn’t always available, so before booking be sure you check in with your host.

If you’re a person that is all about embracing the culture of the city they’re visiting — a casa particular will help you do just that!

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