Why LOAM Is Rising As Los Angeles’ Premiere Hotel Restaurant And Bar
Photo Credit: Malik Peay

Photo Credit: Malik Peay

Why LOAM Is Rising As Los Angeles’ Premiere Hotel Restaurant And Bar

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Malik Peay
Malik Peay Dec 17, 2021

The Ace Hotel is located off of downtown Los Angeles’ hustle and always bustling, South Broadway Street. Tucked underneath the luxury bed and breakfast is LOAM, a modern eatery with a fully-stacked bar and outdoor patio for those who want to soak up some LA sun on any given day.

Personally, I love the Ace Hotel because it has a glamorous rooftop hot tub that welcomes hotel guests and a bar that operates on top of the hotel where DJs spin and turn the classy rooftop to a fancy dance spot.

It is rare in Los Angeles to stumble upon a place that is public and allows Angelenos to visit at no cost. It also makes for great skyline views of downtown Los Angeles.

Photo Courtesy Of LOAM

LOAM is a brunch and dinner spot that offers a healthy menu of farm-to-table dishes that are all decadent and filling. Every meal is plant-focused but has the most flavorful bites prepared by Chef Joshua Guarneri.

The mid-century dining area has appealing checkered floors and hanging plants that will transport you to a luxury dim-light ambiance. With an open window view of South Broadway, the busy metropolitan hub of Los Angeles offers a rush feeling while you are tucked away in a cozy atmosphere. The art deco style alludes to a Gatsby-esque interior design that really compliments the beautiful plating of each served dish.


I went for brunch on a Sunday afternoon, which runs between 10am and 3pm. The brunch menu is completely new. Dinner hours start at 5:30pm and run to 10pm.

The bright sunlight ushering into the restaurant really made the Hangar Steak dish I ordered shine, with a side of home fries and a violet LOAM G&T drink. The refreshing cocktail was the perfect pairing to wash down a hefty meal.

Photo Courtesy Of LOAM

The charming restaurant has an extensive drink menu that is perfect for birthday celebrations or a fun Mother’s Day outing. The brunch and dinner food options are great American-fused bites with vibrant flavors that will surely make you want to go back. LOAM is on its way to becoming another Los Angeles must-see foodie destination where reservations will be required.

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