Living As A Black Digital Nomad: Yeri Bridgett
Photo Credit: Photo courtesy of Yeri Bridgett

Photo Credit: Photo courtesy of Yeri Bridgett

Living As A Black Digital Nomad: Yeri Bridgett

DeAnna Taylor
DeAnna Taylor May 22, 2019

Becoming a digital nomad can be one of the most freeing career options for those longing to travel more. Yeri Bridgett has mastered the art of earning a living from her computer while being able to see the world in between.

The D.C. native is currently based out of Dallas, Texas where she works as a Virtual Assistant and social media manager to a host of entrepreneurs, bloggers, and creatives.

Photo courtesy of Yeri Bridgett

She handles all of their administrative tasks so that they can focus on building their business or brand more. Yeri is also the content creator of her website, Travel on a Budget, where she teaches others how to travel no matter their budget.

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We spoke with her to learn more about her life as a digital nomad.

Travel Noire: What does being a digital nomad mean to you?

Yeri: To me being a digital nomad means taking care of yourself; creating a lifestyle that works for you. One that gives you options to see new places, explore new hobbies, learn different skills, and have the ability to shape your ideal working situation. I’m able to set my own working hours, select the work I do, and do that work from
anywhere in the world.

Photo courtesy of Yeri Bridgett

TN: How long did it take you to become a full-time DN?

Yeri: Not long, I had done some research on different work options. I also started spending time at co-working spaces and speaking to digital nomads who had spent time traveling while making money online. From there I had a few options on work that I could do that would allow me to continue traveling.

Photo courtesy of Yeri Bridgett

TN: Walk us through that journey.

Yeri: I started saving seriously about a year before I quit my job. My plan was to travel abroad for an extended period of time while learning a new skill set to transition into another career. I first figured out how much I would need to live on for 6 months with 3-4 of those months in Europe. Once I finished saving I quit my job and started my journey.

I was able to spend three months in Europe exploring Spain, Portugal, Hungary, Croatia, Czech Republic, France, and Poland off of my savings. During the last month before I was to head back to the states; I booked an Airbnb all to myself in Poland and took two weeks to start my Virtual Services business. I created a website, setup all the backend process, and decided what services I would offer. Two weeks later, I launched my site and blasted it on my facebook. And in a couple of days, I booked my first client!

Photo courtesy of Yeri Bridgett

TN: What struggles, if any, have you faced in transitioning to this lifestyle?

Yeri: There hasn’t been a ton, but starting a business isn’t easy. Getting your systems setup and running is the easy part, but learning how to market yourself and get clients is where I’m learning the most. But it’s worth it to have the freedom of travel.

Photo courtesy of Yeri Bridgett

TN: What are the benefits?

Yeri: The biggest benefits are that I can create my own schedule, travel with no disruption in my work, take time off when I need to, and I have full control of how I want to run my business. This has helped with not only my physical health but also my mental health.

TN: What tips can you provide to those looking to transition?

Yeri: Have a plan. Take the time to build up your business while staying at your current job and when you can live off just the business, leave your job. Or I would suggest saving enough to get you by for at least 6 months, and then leave your job with a plan on how you will transition. This gives you more time and freedom to get things up and running.

Photo courtesy of Yeri Bridgett

TN: Where can we find you online?

Yeri: You can find me on mainly on my travel blog at  and on IG at @travelonabudgetblog. To learn more about my Virtual Assistant and Social Media Management services you can check out

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