Agree To Livestream Your Stay & You Can Book This Japanese Hotel Room For $1/Night
Photo Credit: Getty Images

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Agree To Livestream Your Stay & You Can Book This Japanese Hotel Room For $1/Night

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Stephanie Ogbogu
Stephanie Ogbogu Nov 21, 2019

Travel accommodations can add up but what would you do if you were offered a hotel for just $1 a night — but there’s a catch: you have to livestream your stay.

This is an option 27-year-old Tetsuya Inoue is offering for a stay at Asahi Ryokan, a hotel his grandmother owns in Fukuoka, Japan. Inoue began running the hotel last year and for the most part, it’s pretty simple, guests have the option of paying just ¥100 (about $1) per night at the hotel if they agree to allow their experience to be streamed on the hotel’s YouTube page for over 1000 subscribers to see.

Some guests are comforted to know that the stream is strictly video-only, which means online viewers can’t hear any of your private conversations. The bathrooms are out of view of the cameras, adding additional privacy, however, the downside is that your lights must always stay on. Yep, there will be viewers watching you sleep!

Inoue began offering the deal last month and so far, four people have taken him up on the offer. If you’ve ever wanted to live in your very own episode of Big Brother while cutting down on your travel costs, this could be the experience for you.

“This is a very old ryokan and I was looking into a new business model,” Inoue says. “Our hotel is on the cheaper side, so we need some added value, something special that everyone will talk about.”

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