These Are The Lesser-Known Caribbean Countries You Should Travel To
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These Are The Lesser-Known Caribbean Countries You Should Travel To

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Kelsey Marie
Kelsey Marie Jun 14, 2019

The Caribbean is a wonderful place to travel to because of the variety of islands — each one with their own culture, history, and cuisine.

Some islands are more known than others, which is why it is important to visit the lesser-known Caribbean countries as well.

Here are the lesser-known Caribbean countries you should travel to:


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This island is located in the eastern Caribbean and is often referred to as “Spice Isle” because of its variety of spices. There are nutmeg plantations you can tour but spices aren’t the only thing Grenada has to offer.

You can spend your time visiting the white sand beaches, an underwater sculpture gallery, gorgeous waterfalls and enjoying the local cuisine.

There are direct flights to Grenada from New York, Miami, Canada and London which makes this country very accessible.


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Saba, a country in the Caribbean Netherlands isn’t like most Caribbean countries.

Instead of beaches, Saba is filled with green mountain landscapes. You can hike up the Mount Scenery Volcano, which may actually be active.

Spend time in this country going on nature hikes, visiting the Harry L. Johnson museum and Jo Bean Glass Art Studio.

There is very little crime here and a total population of about 2,000 people.

St. Barthelemy (St. Barths)

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There are over twenty beaches in St. Barths and most of them are considered to be alluring.

Although this island is known as a popular destination for celebrities, everyone is welcomed here.

The island encompasses 8 square miles and has a population of a little over 9,000 people.

St. Barths is only ten minutes from St. Martin and is definitely a destination for splurging.


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This island is located 35 miles north of Venezuela and although it is geographically part of South America; it is considered to be a part of the Caribbean.

There are over 40 different ethnicities in Curaçao and many of the locals speak English, Spanish and Dutch.

This island is the go-to for beautiful beaches and weather.


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Dominica is known as the “Nature Island” and although its name is similar to the Dominican Republic; it is completely different.

This country has an array of rainforests, mountains and lush greenery.

There are 365 rivers that flow through this island, making it a Caribbean country unlike any you’ve ever traveled to before.

These under-the-radar countries in the Caribbean are amazing destinations with no crowded tourist areas — yet.

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