Traveler Story: 'I Learned How To Take Advantage Of Strategic Traveling'
Photo Credit: Courtesy of Meredith San Diego

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Meredith San Diego

Traveler Story: 'I Learned How To Take Advantage Of Strategic Traveling'

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Ayah A.
Ayah A. Feb 26, 2021

Living a life free of stereotypical confines like a home, a husband, or children, you never know where you might find rolling stone Meredith San Diego. A native of–wait for it–San Diego, Meredith has traveled to 57 countries in her 39 years and has lived in North Macedonia, Thailand, and now Spain.

Meredith began traveling early in life.

“My grandparents took me across the Mexican border frequently to give back to the communities struggling there,” she told Travel Noire. “My first time crossing the Atlantic I was 13 and accompanied by my father to London and France.”

“After landing a corporate job in my twenties, I began to travel more frequently, taking my mother on getaways to her favorite spot, Puerto Vallarta, and spending my birthday in a new country for five consecutive years.”

Photo courtesy of Meredith San Diego.

“But it wasn’t until joining the U.S. Peace Corps that I took full advantage of strategic traveling. Twenty-five paid days of vacation a year partnered with living on the European continent made it a no-brainer for me to take a big bite out of the wanderlust pie.”

“After concluding my Peace Corps service, I was in no hurry to return to the States or the deep-conditioned mindset of work, work, work. So I backpacked instead and began building my adventure travel blog along the way. Fast-forward four years and I have adapted to a digital nomadic existence, but I am putting down proverbial roots in Spain as I co-teach English and build my business as a content creator.”

Photo courtesy of Meredith San Diego.

“Brazil took my breath away. From the natural wonders to the locals who mistook me for one of them constantly, the beaches, vistas (views), delectable food, and history all sealed the deal. The timing of which I visited the country in my life also serves as a foundation for my adoration.” 

“As a Black woman, I felt the most comfortable and welcome in Brazil. Everyone looked like me. Women were wearing natural hairstyles. Melanin skin was everywhere, and I was welcomed with open arms by the locals.” 

Meredith says that like anything, there are negatives and positives to traveling, but that the benefits are endless.

“As a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer, I have an entire global community that I’ve amplified by making lasting friendships with people from everywhere. I also have adopted a global mindset to almost everything and become hyper-aware of privilege on a global scale.”

Photo courtesy of Meredith San Diego.

“Each one of my trips has taught me something else about myself and humanity and the interconnectedness therein. Living a life of travel has been truly humbling and an existence I aim to inspire other women to chase.”

Meredith is currently awaiting her opportunity to get vaccinated so that she may resume her travels soon. She is looking forward to being able to visit Germany, South Africa, and Saudi Arabia later this year. To learn more about Meredith and her travels, check out and follow her at @baglady.meredith.sandiego.


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