Florida Woman Launches $100 Million Lawsuit Against Frontier Airlines
Photo Credit: Photo Credit: Frontier Airlines

Photo Credit: Photo Credit: Frontier Airlines

Florida Woman Launches $100 Million Lawsuit Against Frontier Airlines

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Rafael Peña
Rafael Peña Jul 27, 2023

A Florida woman has taken legal action against Frontier Airlines, filing a class-action lawsuit in federal court that seeks a staggering $100 million in damages. Amira Hamad’s lawsuit alleges that the airline engaged in deceptive practices and “bait-and-switch” tactics with its baggage requirements and fees.

Reason For Lawsuit

Hamad’s grievance centers around the airline’s portrayal of itself as a budget airline. In her complaint, she contends that Frontier Airlines is not truly a budget carrier. She asserts that the airline does not consistently offer the lowest fares. Instead, she claims that the airline employs a tactic of breaking down fees into smaller components. This makes it difficult for passengers to recognize the true cost of their airfare, which she believes ends up being higher than expected.

The core issue Frontier Airlines’ handling of “personal items,” which are supposed to be included in the airfare. According to the court documents, Hamad asserts that she fell victim to the airline’s “bait-and-switch” approach when booking a round-trip flight in May 2023.

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Hamad argues that she was charged $100 for her bag, which she believed qualified as a personal item. However, Frontier Airlines’ website specifies certain size limitations for personal items. The lawsuit includes photographic evidence of her bag inside the airline’s bag sizer, showing that it did not meet the requirements.

Bag Sizer Discrepancy

Comparing her experience with Spirit Airlines, Hamad claims that her personal item fit within their size basket. The two airlines supposedly adheres to the same dimensions. This inconsistency raises concerns about the accuracy of Frontier Airlines’ bag sizer, and its undisclosed “additional charge” for oversized personal items.

The lawsuit further alleges that Frontier Airlines incentivizes its gatekeepers by providing bonuses for each instance of charging for personal items at the gates. This implies a possible incentive for the airline’s personnel to apply these charges unfairly.

Misleading Practices

Among the litany of accusations, Hamad asserts that Frontier Airlines engaged in deceptive or misleading practices, breached its contract with passengers, and engaged in fraudulent misrepresentation and misleading advertising. The lawsuit also claims violations of Florida’s Deceptive and Unfair Trade Practices Act and Consumer Protections Act.

With this class-action lawsuit, Hamad seeks not only punitive damages of $100 million, but also $10,000 for each alleged violation. She also is seeking a refund of her fees and travel expenses. The legal action against Frontier Airlines could have significant implications for the airline industry. It could shine a spotlight on the transparency of baggage fees and the veracity of budget airline claims.

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