This New Las Vegas Resort Has Plans To Build 'The Greatest Pool In The History Of The World'
Photo Credit: Getty Images

Photo Credit: Getty Images

This New Las Vegas Resort Has Plans To Build 'The Greatest Pool In The History Of The World'

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Kelsey Marie
Kelsey Marie Dec 13, 2019

A Las Vegas resort has ambitious plans for building the greatest pool in the world but can it accomplish this huge goal?

The Circa Resort & Casino on Fremont Street will house a pool operated by a temperature control system, allowing it to stay open every single day of the year. 

“We’re trying to build what I would consider to be the greatest pool in the history of the world,” says Las Vegas developer Derek Stevens to the Reno Gazette Journal

Stevens has high hopes for the pool, stating: “Hopefully it’s something that adds into the Vegas allure to bring more people.”

The pool will also have a multi-tiered amphitheater and a 134-by-41-foot video screen. “This is going to be a great venue to watch sports, a great place to catch the sun, a great place to listen to music and a great place for product launches,” says Stevens. 

The pool will be known as a “destination pool”, according to Stevens because people will visit Las Vegas just to experience the pool. Stevens expects the pool to have 4,000 visitors a day. 

Circa’s pool is going to have 30 cabanas, 38 daybeds, and 337 chaise lounges and is projected to open at the end of 2020. 

Stevens tells the Reno Gazette Journal: “This is the biggest project I’ve ever had. By a long shot.”

When completed, Circa will be the tallest resort in downtown Las Vegas, coming in at 458 feet.

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