Labor Day Travel Is A Go, Regardless Of Gas Prices
Photo Credit: wundervisuals | Getty Images

Photo Credit: wundervisuals | Getty Images

Labor Day Travel Is A Go, Regardless Of Gas Prices

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Maggie J.
Maggie J. Aug 22, 2022

Labor Day travel is definitely a go next weekend, regardless of gas prices. More than half of U.S. travelers are planning to hit the road for the long holiday weekend, even though gas prices haven’t plummeted much. Why? It’s their last chance for a summer vacation this year.

A total of 53 percent of Americans, over 100 million people, will be traveling for Labor Day, regardless of what the gas prices may do between now and then. The Vacationer sites the same percentage of travelers are complaining about the price of gas, interestingly enough. Travel is returning to pre-pandemic numbers, which is great for the travel industry. And, it wouldn’t be a problem for travelers if there were enough staff to accommodate them all.

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Flights vs Driving:

With airfares set to go up by 20 percent over Labor Day, many are taking to the road. Eric Jones, co-founder of The Vacationer says: “While gas prices and inflation are on the minds of Americans, they will likely look to save money while vacationing by spending less on dining out, excursions, and other extra amenities.

Miles, miles, miles:

With 26 percent of the drivers planning to drive between 250 and 500 miles, those traveling by road are hoping the cost of gas goes down before then.

Gas Buddy:

If you’re hitting the road this Labor Day and want to save on gas, try this simple travel hack. It’s Gas Buddy, a free app that shows you the cheapest gas stations in the area.

Travel is a go:

Still, gas prices have seen a drop over the last several weeks as summer travel winds down. The change in gas price may not have deterred travelers completely. They will still travel, maybe just not as far. All in all, Labor Day travel is a go, regardless of gas prices.

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