King Charles III's Coronation Will Be Held May 6, Says Buckingham Palace
Photo Credit: Photo by Annie Spratt

Photo Credit: Photo by Annie Spratt

King Charles III's Coronation Will Be Held May 6, Says Buckingham Palace

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Spencer Jones
Spencer Jones Oct 13, 2022

Britain will have a coronation next summer- the first since 1953. After the death of Queen Elizabeth II in September, there was an instant transfer of power to her eldest child, King Charles III. At this time, officials are tight- lipped on the details. But you can count on plenty of pageantries to herald in the new reign, just like every other British coronation.

What we do know is that Charles will be crowned at Westminster Abbey where monarchs have been crowned for 900 years. USA Today reports “the Archbishop of Canterbury will conduct the service and crown him, as has been tradition since 1066.”

The King’s wife Camilla, who is Queen consort, will be crowned on the same day.

USA Today notes that “Charles will be crowned while sitting on King Edward’s Chair, made in 1300 and used by every sovereign since 1626.” A block of Scottish sandstone called the Stone of Scone will be part of the ceremony before officials return it to the Crown Room in Edinburgh Castle.

USA Today writes, “leaks about the details of the coronation have been turning up in the British press for weeks, including reports that there will be fewer guests. Also, the ceremony will last only about an hour and guests, even the poshest of aristocrats, will be allowed to wear suits instead of ceremonial robes. None of that has been confirmed.”

It’s too early to determine whether Charles will inspire the same admiration his mother did and continues to do even in death. Moreover, being 73, he’ll have a much shorter time on the throne.

Will you tune into the coronation of the new king?

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