Rapper Killer Mike Refuses To Reopen His Atlanta Barbershops Just Yet
Photo Credit: Getty Images

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Rapper Killer Mike Refuses To Reopen His Atlanta Barbershops Just Yet

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Parker Diakite
Parker Diakite Apr 23, 2020

As some businesses prepare to reopen in the state of Georgia following Gov. Brian Kemp’s recent announcement approving some establishments to resume operations –some business owners say they will remain closed.

Businesses including bowling alleys, barbershops, gyms, salons, and more will be permitted to reopen but Rapper Killer Mike joins a growing list of entrepreneurs who say they are not ready to open their doors.

Killer Mike and his wife, Shay, own The Swag Shop, a barbershop chain with several locations across Atlanta.

The rapper told TMZ during an interview that he’s concerned about Gov. Kemp’s plan to lift the state’s lockdown restrictions allowing barbershops, salons, gyms, and several other businesses to reopen.

Our first concern is the safety of our employees and our customers,” he said. “At this time, as a business, we aren’t comfortable opening. We’re going to wait a while before we reopen because in our community […] there are more of us that are dying.”

Killer Mike added that at this moment, people have individual responsibility for their lives.

“I know you need that job but sometimes you may need to cut a bill or two and say, ‘I’m not going to put me and my children in danger,’” he said.

At the same time, Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms is urging residents to stay home.

Bottoms told MSNBC that while she does not have the power to supersede the governor’s decision, she does have a voice.

“I do have the power of my voice, and I am using my voice to encourage people: Follow the data, look at the science, listen to the health care professionals and use your common sense.”

Georgia has more than 20,000 confirmed cases of the coronavirus, which have led to at least 3,885 hospitalizations and more than 800 deaths as of April 22, according to the state’s health department.

“There’s nothing essential about going to a bowling alley during a pandemic,” said Bottoms.  

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