Jodie Turner-Smith Graces Cover Of GLAMOUR's First-Ever Hair Issue In Jamaica
Photo Credit: Rich Fury

Photo Credit: Rich Fury

Jodie Turner-Smith Graces Cover Of GLAMOUR's First-Ever Hair Issue In Jamaica

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Parker Diakite
Parker Diakite Jun 1, 2021

British actress Jodie Turner-Smith is truly embodying what it means to be a queen as she continues to dominate the entertainment industry. The Queen and Slim star has made a comeback to the screens where she’s the leading actress in Anne Boleyn – making her the first Black actress to play the Tudor queen.

Now, she has another leading role as she’s the cover girl of GLAMOUR’s digital first-ever hair issue. Everything about the cover photo is regal where she’s decked out in gold accessories that compliment her beautiful skin and goddess locs.

The entire issue is dedicated to Black women and our hair, the need for more representation, and why people should stop policing and politizing Black hair.

Jodie shares some of her horrible hair experiences while working on set and even goes into detail about an encounter that resulted in words some Black women have probably heard in some shape or form throughout their careers about being “combative” or “aware” of how we make people feel.

“It’s frustrating as a performer when you go on set and the people are not qualified to deal with your texture of hair,” she told GLAMOUR, adding, “I did one job where I was actually asked to apologize to the hairstylist because she didn’t know how to do my hair. I was told, ‘It’s very easy for one to gain a reputation for being unfriendly and difficult.’ I just was so floored by that experience. At the time I was obviously not as well-known as I am now. And so I just had to basically eat that sh*t.”

Jodie was born in Peterborough, England to Jamaican parents before moving to the USA after her parents divorced. Her photos for the digital issue were taken in her home in Jamaica and are absolutely stunning!

Who else is ready to book that trip to the Caribbean after these pictures?

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