JetBlue is on a roll when it comes to flight deals and its latest sale will have you planning for travel this upcoming fall season.

One-way flights across the country are running for as low as $39 one-way.

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The cheapest deal is from Las Vegas to Long Beach, California which will get to the above city for $39 one-way and vice versa.

A majority of the one-way flights are running for $59 one-way, including Fort Lauderdale, Florida to Richmond, Virginia; New York City to Boston, Massachusetts; and San Franciso, California to Long Beach, California.

International trips are not excluded from the one-way flight sale. Cuban cities Camaguey, Havana, and Holguin are all accessible through this deal from Fort Lauderdale for just $94 one-way.

Nassau, Bahamas and the Grand Cayman are also available from Fort Lauderdale for less.

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If you are planning to book a flight with JetBlue, there are a few things you should consider.

The first thing is that the sale ends on Aug. 14 at 11:59 ET. Travel must take place between Sept. 4 and Nov. 20. There are a few blackout dates with this deal, including Sept. 28 through Oct. 1; Oct. 1 through Oct. 14; and Nov. 6 through Nov. 12, according to the company’s website.

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The tickets are also classified as Blue Fare, which means there no checked bags, a carry-on bag is included, and same-day changes to your flight will cost you.