Jermaine Dupri Releases New Line of Vegan Ice Cream. Here’s Where To Find It
Photo Credit: Jermaine Dupri| Facebook

Photo Credit: Jermaine Dupri| Facebook

Jermaine Dupri Releases New Line of Vegan Ice Cream. Here’s Where To Find It

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Parker Diakite
Parker Diakite Nov 24, 2021

Anything Grammy award-winning producer Jermaine Dupri touches is likely to be a hit, and we expect his new vegan ice cream line to be no different.

Dupri announced that his vegan ice cream, called JD’s Vegan, is now available on and will begin to appear in Walmart stores nationwide starting Dec. 28.

Jermaine Dupri, who announced his vegan ice cream line last summer to his fans, is trying to introduce more people to a plant-based diet while letting people know you don’t have to compromise on the taste.


The brand uses a coconut cream base to achieve a creamy texture and the flavors pay homage to his hometown Atlanta and music.

The first three specialized flavors include Strawberry Sweetheart filled with strawberry chunks; Welcome to Atlanta Peach Cobbler filled with classic Georgia golden peaches and crumbled cobbler; and Apple Butter, a buttery apple and cinnamon streusel flavor.

“Walmart and I share the same vision of providing consumers with the best products and making healthy alternatives accessible to everyone,” Dupri said in a statement. “JD’s Vegan ice creams taste as good as, or better than, the real thing. You don’t have to lose anything going vegan. JD’s Vegan ice cream proves you can gain nothing but quality foods with out-of-this-world flavor and taste.”

JD’s Vegan ice cream can also be purchased on Durpi’s website.  The vegan dessert will cost around $6.50 per pint.


According to The Beet, he plans to expand distribution and add more flavors to the lineup, including (404) Cookies & Cream, Key Lime Pie, and Chocolate My Way.

We already know the ice cream is about to be so, so delicious. Make sure you follow Dupri on Instagram to stay up to date with the ice cream releases.

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