Japan May Drop Its Visa Requirement For Tourists This Fall
Photo Credit: recep-bg

Photo Credit: recep-bg

Japan May Drop Its Visa Requirement For Tourists This Fall

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Kelsey Marie
Kelsey Marie Sep 14, 2022

Japan has had one of the most strict tourism rules since the pandemic. The country is one of the last in the world to reopen. 

The Japanese government is looking to ease border restrictions and remove entry requirements for tourists such as the daily entry limit and visa and package tour requirements. 

A young black man exploring a traditional Japanese market in Asakusa, Japan.

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Easing restrictions

Over the past few weeks, the entry cap was raised from 20,000 to 50,000 visitors per day. To enter Japan, tourists must book their flights with a travel agency and apply for a visa. The government is in discussion to remove the visa requirement for travelers who have been vaccinated three times. Travelers would also have the option to submit a pre-arrival test result for COVID-19. This would allow travelers to visit Japan without booking through a travel agency. 

There is not a confirmed date for this announcement, but it could be in the coming weeks. Autumn and winter seasons in Japan are popular among tourists. 

COVID-19 in Japan

According to Japanese government data, COVID-19 cases have been dwindling in the past weeks. 

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