Japan Anticipated To Welcome International Travelers Soon
Photo Credit: Elton Anderson Jr.

Photo Credit: Elton Anderson Jr.

Japan Anticipated To Welcome International Travelers Soon

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Malik Peay
Malik Peay May 17, 2021

Japan should be able to welcome international travelers by this summer if cases decrease, which is expected with the current restrictions and vaccines being rolled out. The Tokyo Summer Olympics in July, is what will be the determining factor for Japanese government officials to reopen their borders.

Japan has entry bans for 152 countries including the United States, but this is the current travel advisory in place to rectify the rise in COVID-19 cases occurring. Less than 3% of Japan’s citizens have the first dose of the vaccine and there is a shortage of syringes and medical personnel which are staggering factors contributing to Japan’s multiple states-of-emergencies.

There will be a decision made on May 20 regarding the potential distribution of 30 million doses of Moderna and AstraZeneca vaccines. These vaccinations have been produced within Japan already, but the citizens are waiting on the final approval by local officials, so the residents can have more access to vaccines. To further diminish the COVID-19 cases in Japan’s major cities, there are vaccine centers opening up throughout the month in Tokyo and Osaka that will administer vaccines, and each venue can hold 10,000 people per day. 100 million doses of Pfizer vaccines will be arriving between the months of May and June as well.

There is expected to be 5 weekly flights transporting passengers to Tokyo throughout the Summer. A new route is being added to Singapore Airlines in June in which travelers can take the new “fifth-freedom route” to Tokyo. By June 16, passengers can expect to see Singapore Airlines open the Singapore-Los Angeles via Tokyo flight. This is one of the few airlines permitted to fly travelers between the US and Japan or including Singapore too.

In late April, American Airlines advertised an insanely cheap flight deal from departing from several major US cities. The $200 round trip flights sent social media into a frenzy as travelers snatched up the deal, that was gone within about 24-hours. While the airline has cancellation policies in place, many who purchased the flights are hoping that borders will be fully opened once their departure date rolls around. It looks like they may be in luck.

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