Italy Retrieves 266 Priceless Artifacts Worth Millions from United States
Photo Credit: Rome, Italy Photo | Unsplash

Photo Credit: Rome, Italy Photo | Unsplash

Italy Retrieves 266 Priceless Artifacts Worth Millions from United States

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Rafael Peña
Rafael Peña Aug 15, 2023

Italy repatriated 266 ancient artifacts from the United States. This endeavor marks the culmination of a pursuit to take back treasures.

Relics Returned

Among the artifacts restored to their rightful home are relics that span as far back as the 9th century BC. These relics represent the remarkable epochs of the Etruscan civilization, Magna Graecia and Imperial Rome. A statement from Italy’s carabinieri police, issued on Friday, attributed this achievement to the collaboration between Italian and US authorities.

A gallery of images, provided by the Italian Ministry of Culture, vividly captures the breadth of these artifacts. Among them are adorned painted pots, a fragment of a sculpted head and a selection of coins that exchanged hands in distant markets.

Steps in the Recovery of Artifacts

The meticulous operation that led to the recovery of these artifacts encompassed various avenues of justice.

It was revealed that 65 of the repatriated treasures were traced back to the Menil Collection. The Menil Collection is an esteemed museum in Houston. The museum’s spokesperson clarified the institution recieved these artifacts as a gift. Recognizing the potential significance of these objects, the museum directed the benefactor to the Italian Minister of Culture. As a result, the Minister in turn initiated the dialogue that confirmed Italy’s rightful claim to these historical marvels.

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