Italy Plans To Open Up June 3, Here’s What You Should Know
Photo Credit: @topello via Twenty20

Photo Credit: @topello via Twenty20

Italy Plans To Open Up June 3, Here’s What You Should Know

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Parker Diakite
Parker Diakite May 22, 2020

Italy’s government recently announced that it would open its borders as early as June 3. When the borders open, it would mark the end of one of Europe’s strictest lockdowns.

Tourism accounts for 13 percent of Italy’s economy and the country is trying to get the ball rolling by first eliminating the mandatory 14-day quarantine for visitors.

Before you buy a ticket to Italy, there’s one thing you should know. These new regulations do not apply to residents in the United States. Only those arriving from the European Union, countries within the Schengen Zone, the United Kingdom, Northern Ireland, and the principalities of Andorra, Monaco, San Marino, and the Vatican will be permitted to enter the country.

So, when will non-European residents be able to enter the country?

The earliest the European Commission is considering allowing nonessential travel into Italy will be June 15, as reported in Afar.

There is currently no word if that June 15 will include travelers from the United States.

What this does mean, however, is that Italy is making plans to open before the initial rumors of 2021.

“Tourism in Italy will start again, with all precautions and in maximum safety,” Giorgio Palmucci, President of ENIT-Italian National Tourist Board issued a statement Palmucci said. “Those who love Italy must be allowed to return to enjoy it, in compliance with governmental and regional guidelines. It is a delicate phase in which it is essential to defend Italy also through correct communication.”

Italy joins a number of European countries that are opening its borders to tourists.

Leaders in Greece recently announced that plans are underway to reopen the country to tourists by July after officials confirmed that implementing an early lockdown helped to prevent the spread of the coronavirus within its borders.  

Greece has seen a low number of COVID-19 cases compared to other countries in Europe.  It has a population of roughly 10 million people with 2,632 cases of confirmed cases and 138 facilities.

Tourism leaders in Spain announced that the country plans to reopen its borders to international tourists by June 3.

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