It Costs What? Here Are 7 Of The World's Most Expensive Hotels
Photo Credit: Adobe Stock

Photo Credit: Adobe Stock

It Costs What? Here Are 7 Of The World's Most Expensive Hotels

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Spencer Jones
Spencer Jones Sep 29, 2021

Hotels can basically be divided into three tiers: basic but serviceable, moderate but nice, and the most expensive hotels make you say, “I’m sorry, WHAT?!”

Most of us might opt for the first two depending on where we’re going and what our funds will allow. But if there’s some special occasion on the horizon: a wedding, birthday, or maybe you’ve come into some serious inheritance, you might be willing to be financially reckless so that you can be swathed in luxury for a night. Maybe two. Or even more, if you really want to push it.

Can the price of these hotels and resorts be justified? You be the judge. Here are seven of the world’s most expensive hotels to consider.

1. Burj Al Arab

Photo by Andreas M

This hotel in Dubai is truly the stuff of legend, and according to those fortunate enough to stay there, its beauty, services, and features are almost overwhelming.

According to a journalist for The Business Insider, the hotel is “adorned with more  gold and marble than any reasonable person would choose.”

Moreover, “the architecture and design astound with color, patterns, and vertigo, with extravagances like caviar and truffles finding their way into numerous dishes at the restaurants.”

The hotel is on a man-made island that can only be accessed via private chauffeur (there’s a fleet of white Rolls Royces outside for this purpose) or by helicopter (there’s a helipad on site.)

The facade has a distinctive shark fin shape, and you’ll find sprawling, sumptuous interiors, including nine restaurants, three aquariums, fountains, and elevators covered in gold.

If you arrive early, an attendant will take you to the tea and coffee lounge on site called Sahn Eddar. Aside from those beverages, there are fruit juices and smoothies, nuts spiced with nutmeg and cinnamon, and other delights.

Butlers are assigned to each floor, and they can arrange pretty much anything you’d like. Each suite is filled with expensive furniture, mini bars, amazing views, and palatial bathrooms loaded with Hermès toiletries.

As tempting as it may be to just lounge around in your suite, you can do that at home. Explore as much of the building as you can; there’s a feast for the eyes at every turn.

Get your swim on in the infinity pool and check out the terrace that is fashioned after a beach. The views from here of the Arabian Gulf have to be seen to be believed.

What are the rates like? They range from $1,000 a night for a one-bedroom suite all the way up to $24,000 a night for The Royal Suite.

What a steal, right?











2. Mardan Palace Resort

Photo Courtesy of TUI

This jaw-dropping palace in Antalya, Turkey, boasts 560 suites and the distinction of being one of the world’s most expensive resorts.

This place is a 5-star facility on steroids, with “30 acclaimed restaurants, bars and lounges,” not to mention the numerous pools, private beach, elite golf course, and the Kids Club to keep the younger set entertained.

Did we mention that the spa alone measures about 12,000 square feet? Get in that self-care in style!


3. The Plaza Hotel

Photo Courtesy of Trip Advisor

The Plaza Hotel is a New York City landmark, and since opening in 1907, it has hosted diplomats, the Hollywood elite, the super wealthy and even some ordinary folk who want that luxury accommodation experience.

It’s the backdrop for Eloise, a children’s book about a mischievous girl who lives at the hotel. Birthday parties in this theme can be arranged for little ones, complete with adorable tea parties.

You can’t go wrong with the neighborhood either, with Central Park, The Shops (a luxury mall in Columbus Circle) and Fifth Avenue just a stone’s throw away.




4. The Dorchester

Photo Courtesy of The Kiwi Collection

The Dorchester Hotel in London believes that luxury should go beyond the hotel stay itself. That’s why it offers a “fleet of iconic classic cars, available for transfers, sightseeing tours, or simply making a grand entrance at an event.”

There are suites as well as signature penthouses, such as The Harlequin Penthouse, with beautiful spaces and uninterrupted views over Hyde Park.

Bond Street (London’s answer to New York’s Fifth Avenue, or perhaps it’s the other way around) and Mayfair (one of London’s most expensive districts) are all nearby, not to mention a dizzying array of pubs and restaurants.



5. Emirates Palace

Photo by Chris Down

This jewel in Abu Dhabi has a marina and a private beach.

According to Lux Review, this palace turned hotel “showcases Arabian culture at its finest via its whopping three billion dollar construction.”

The suites offer views of the gardens and bay. There are yoga classes, and trails for running and cycling to burn off the decadent food you’re sure to eat.

Interested? You can check the rates here. 





6. Atlantis Paradise

Photo Courtesy of Atlantis Bahamas

Jet to The Caribbean and spend some time at Atlantis Paradise in The Bahamas.

The design was inspired by the sea and sand, and there’s so much offered here you might not feel the need to leave.

There are options for casual and fine dining,  entertainment, casinos, eleven swimming pools, water sports, tennis courts, nightlife and so much more.

Certain suites are better suited for lovers, some for adult friends, and others for families.





7. Westin Excelsior

Photo Courtesy of The Marriott

This hotel in Rome features “281 rooms and 35 unique Signature suites.” The most luxurious is the Villa La Cupola, and if you stay there, you’ll be made to feel like an Ancient Roman emperor.

Located on the roof of the hotel, Villa La Cupola measures 1,100 square meters and is spread across two levels.

There’s a private elevator, seven terraces, a private gym and a gorgeous Jacuzzi.

The vaulted ceilings and mosaics recall antiquity, and you’ll have nothing less than a VIP experience.


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