Issa Rae has had an extraordinary amount of success all while shining a light on her hometown of Los Angeles. Not only has the awarded-winning TV and film producer has not only highlighted Black-owned businesses in South LA on her HBO hit series Insecure, but in 2019, she opened a Hilltop Coffee + Kitchen location in Inglewood, employing residents from the neighborhood and paying them above minimum wage. Now, the city of Inglewood is recognizing Issa Rae by bestowing on her an honor that no one has received before.

On Saturday, February 12, Issa Rae became the first person in Inglewood’s 114-year history to receive the key to the city. During the Taste of Inglewood festival, Mayor James T. Butts presented Issa Rae with the honor.

“I’m a little emotional. I’m trying to be a thug right now,” Issa Rae said during her acceptance speech. “The mayor really kind of flabbergasted me in that this is the first key in 114 years, so that’s a huge honor. I just want to thank you all so much for your support — thank you to the mayor, thank you to the city of Inglewood for making it so easy for us to film here, for helping us showcase this city that I love so much.”

Issa Rae went on to thank her parents and grandparents who helped shape her love for the Inglewood area.

“I have to give love to my grandparents who have lived in Briarwood for a long time and who established my first point of view of Inglewood and love the city themselves; my mom and my sister who live here actively and just for being here.”

Not only did Issa Rae receive the key to the city, but she was also dubbed the “Queen of Inglewood” by Mayor Butts. Well deserved and congrats to Issa Rae.