As officials in Turkey work to strengthen the country’s currency amid a financial crisis, there may be some hope for tourists wanting to make a trip to Turkey.


According to a report from CNN Money, the lira is now down more than 40% against the dollar, hitting a record low.  For tourists this means that one dollar is now worth approximately seven lira, which could make popular destinations like Istanbul more affordable for visitors.


From the mosques, bazaars, and famous Turkish baths, Istanbul offers various sites and activities to keep you occupied no matter if you’re traveling alone or in a group.


The average cost to Istanbul from top U.S. destinations averages more than $1,000 for a round-trip, but these deals found on Google Flights and Kayak will get you there for less than $700 round-trip.  That’s nearly $300 in savings!


From Boston:

Boston is offering the best deal with travel as early as September for $561 round-trip.  The cheap flight, however, comes with long layovers for both departing and return flights.  The good news though is that both layovers are in two different countries, so think of it as more of a backpacking trip of three countries, for the price of one.


From Miami:

There are two different options from Miami on Google Flights for the same price around $690 for a round-trip ticket in October. Like Boston, the trip has two layovers, and one of the layovers is in Amsterdam. Depending on the flight you choose, your layover will offer you enough time to explore Amsterdam.


From New York:

The cheapest time to fly to Istanbul from New York is in late-October and mid-November, according to Google Flights.  The flight found only has a small layover priced at $661 round-trip.


From Los Angeles:

There are two deals from LAX that will put you in Istanbul for under $712 round-trip.