Inside SneakHer Summit: The Black-Owned Brand Empowering Women Through Sneakers
Photo Credit: TN

Photo Credit: TN

Inside SneakHer Summit: The Black-Owned Brand Empowering Women Through Sneakers

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DeAnna Taylor
DeAnna Taylor Jul 20, 2019

Long gone are the days when sneaker culture was solely a thing for men. Now, more women are taking over and brands are getting on board.

That was the case for Lincoln, Nebraska native Tausha Sanders. Sanders, now based in Houston is the creator and founder of one of the latest up and coming brands to highlight sneaker culture from the woman’s perspective.

Photo courtesy of Tausha Sanders

We had a chance to speak with her to learn more about the brand, how it was born, and what they have coming up.

Travel Noire: How was SneakHer Summit born?

Tausha: When brands started reaching out to work with me, I started thinking that maybe I should start a female sneaker platform.  After talking it over with the CEO of Sneaker Summit, I decided to do the female division of the company.  I founded SneakHer Summit in February of 2018, I wanted to showcase women in the industry and throw dope events surrounded by sneakers tailored toward women.  

Photo courtesy of Tausha Sanders

TN: What led you to fall in love with sneaker culture?

Tausha: I grew up being a tomboy, so I guess you can say it was my parents’ influence and brother’s hand me downs.  I think the point in my life where I really started taking it more serious and saw it being a career was in college.  I went to an art school so we had a ton of projects and all my projects were streetwear based.  I really do love the sneaker culture, I honestly wake up and go to sleep thinking about it.  I am super lucky that I get to throw sneaker events and talk sneakers all day for a living.

Photo courtesy of Tausha Sanders

TN: Why is it important for women to have a platform like this?

Tausha: I think supporting women is important period. Women are a huge force in this industry and brands/companies are taking notice. I have women coming up to me all the time telling me they are so happy I started SneakHer Summit or that they want to get into sneakers because of me, and that shows me that I am doing something right. 

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Photo courtesy of Tausha Sanders

TN: What can we expect with SneakHer summit?

Tausha: SneakHer Summit will have a booth at the 16th annual H-Town Sneaker Summit next weekend, July 28th, we will be releasing limited edition shirts and ladies can get manicures with adidas or Nike decals.  Toward the end of the year we host a Sneaker Charity Ball called Graceful Laces, you essentially come in formal attire and sneakers.  Last year was the first year and it was such a blast, I can’t wait for this year’s in October. 

Photo courtesy of Tausha Sanders

TN: What’s next for you and the brand?

Tausha: Definitely more events and collaborations.  This year I played with a ton of ideas and they were all a success,  I think the ultimate goal is to host an event every other month.  Also, interviewing more SneakHer Heads for our youtube series “Kicks & Closets.” 

TN: Where can we find you online?

Tausha: @SneakHerSummit on Instagram is the best place to keep up with us.  @taushaquan is my personal page.  Also, is where we post info on all our upcoming sneaker conventions.

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