Idris Elba Is Opening A Wine Bar In London This Fall And We're Already Planning A Trip
Photo Credit: Emma McIntyre

Photo Credit: Emma McIntyre

Idris Elba Is Opening A Wine Bar In London This Fall And We're Already Planning A Trip

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Parker Diakite
Parker Diakite Sep 22, 2021

At this point… the real question is what does Idris Elba not do?  We know he’s fine, can act, model, rap, can DJ, and now, add wine bar owner to the list as he recently announced plans for a London location with his business partner David Farber this fall.

The new wine bar and restaurant will open in Kings Cross and will be named after Idris Elba and Farber’s wine and champagne brand, Porte Noire, which launched in 2018.

With reportedly 800 different kinds of wines at the venue, the business partners are aiming to make this one of the “largest fine wine tasting rooms in London.”

And it will be more than a place to sip good, as the two plan to offer food. There will be artisanal European cheeses and charcuterie, as well as French brasserie-style dishes.


Farber is not new to this. He founded Connaught Wine Cellars and was a founding partner of IGwines: a fine wine merchant and investment advisory company in London.

“David has been working in the wine space for a long time,” said Elba in an interview. “I know he is going to take the Porte Noire name and create something special.”

Farber is putting together the wine list for the wine bar, which will also serve cocktails.

Farber said, ‘We’re really excited to be bringing a slice of continental hospitality to London this autumn. Since launching our brand Porte Noire, we have seen some incredible reviews of the product, and we’re looking forward to creating a space to match.’

Porte Noire opens Monday, October 18.

According to the announcement, the venue will be open Monday to Saturday from 10:30 am to 8 pm; on Sundays from 10:30 am to 4 pm.

Our only question is, what day are we all going?

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