Here’s How You Can Still Go To Iceland After WOW Air’s Collapse
Photo Credit: Hitij/Bongarts

Photo Credit: Hitij/Bongarts

Here’s How You Can Still Go To Iceland After WOW Air’s Collapse

Victoria M. Walker
Victoria M. Walker Apr 8, 2019

No more $69 flights to Reykjavik.

WOW Air, known for its rock-bottom round-trip prices and nonstop service to Iceland, announced in March that it was ceasing operations. The low-budget carrier struggled to find funding after Icelandair announced it would not buy the struggling airline.

In addition to serving large hubs such as Washington-Baltimore and Boston, it also served (for a time) flights from smaller Midwest airports such as St. Louis and Cleveland.

While you probably won’t be able to fly to Iceland for less than $200, there are still ways to see the country (and other European destinations) at a low price.

Here are the airlines with cheap(ish) flights to Iceland.


Iceland’s other carrier, Icelandair, offers non-stop flights from hubs in the U.S. such as San Francisco, Chicago, and Philadelphia. While not as cheap as WOW’s bare-bone prices, flights are significantly less than some legacy carriers. For instance, a week-long trip to Reykjavik in June on Icelandair is less than $500 right now. Similar flights from New York-JFK to Keflavik Airport are around $450 round-trip for June dates.

And, if Iceland isn’t your final destination, the airline also offers what it calls the “Icelandair stopover.” This allows travelers to stop over in Iceland for up to seven days without additional cost, before continuing your trip to your final destination.  


Delta can also be an option for passengers who miss WOW’s dirt-cheap flights. Flights on Delta out of New York can be as low as $300, according to a Google Flights search.

Keep in mind that Delta’s cheaper options are in basic economy, which means you won’t be able to choose your seat ahead of check-in or check a bag. But if you’re fine without a large suitcase or you don’t have to sit next to your friend, Delta could be a comparable option.


The price might now make you say “WOW” but it’s close enough. United offers non-stop flights from Newark Liberty airport to Reykjavik. A flight departing in late August for a week will run you about $370 round-trip, according to Google Flights.
United launched the route in 2017. At the time, it said the route offered “more choice and convenience to travel internationally, something our customers have told us they want,” according to a statement provided to the Chicago Business Journal.

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