How To Store Your Travel Gear When You Won't Be Traveling For A While
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How To Store Your Travel Gear When You Won't Be Traveling For A While

Kelsey Marie
Kelsey Marie Apr 9, 2020

Sadly, all of our travel plans are on hold until further notice. You may have had had your suitcase and travel gear out, waiting for the signal to head to the airport, but it’s safe to say that we won’t be going anywhere for the next month or so. 

If you’re looking for tips to organize your home, since you’re spending more time in it, putting away your travel gear is a good idea. 

Anna Bauer, an NYC founder of an organizing company, tells The New York Times, “When things don’t have a home, you become paralyzed. You think, ‘I don’t know where to put it, so I’m just going to push it to the side and not deal with it.’”

Bauer may be on to something and in this time, clearing up your space can really be a mood-booster. 

Here are ways you can organize your travel gear to make your home as comfortable as possible during this pandemic:

Storing Your Passports And Travel Documents

First thing’s first, your passports and travel documents such as visas, letters, social security cards…etc. are essential and should be stored in a safe place. 

Gathering all of your travel documents and putting them in a file folder or envelope then storing it in a drawer or file cabinet is a sure way to keep them safe and organized. 

That way, when it’s time to travel again, you’ll know exactly where all of your essential travel documents are located and they will all be stored in the same place.

What To Do If You Have Leftover Foreign Currency

If you have currency from foreign countries you’ve traveled to and plan on visiting again, it’s a good idea to store them in a place where you’ll remember to bring them on your next trip. 

If you have foreign currency for multiple countries, get ziplock bags and label each one with the country they’re from and the amount that you have. 

What To Do With Your Travel-Sized Toiletries

If you have lots of travel-sized toiletries around the house, now is the time to gather them up and consolidate. 

Check for expiration dates, throw out what’s almost empty, then organize by its use (body, hair, face, etc.) After everything is organized, store in a bag or travel case.

Now that all of your travel-sized toiletries are in one place, you’ll have less stress packing when it’s time to travel again!

Where Do I Store My Suitcases And Travel Bags?

If you have multiple suitcases of various sizes and travel bags, the best way to organize them would be by consolidation. 

For example, Julianna Strickland, an LA-based owner of Space Camp Organising tells The New York Times, “It’s helpful to store smaller bags inside of larger ones to save space. And I like to keep all the suitcases with other things you’re going to need on a trip — like packing cubes, neck pillows, backpacks — together, whether that’s in the house, in a basement or a storage cabinet inside a garage.”

The best way to make sure your travel gear is organized and ready to go is to gather all items together and put them in the same location.

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