How CultureCon Works To Unify Creatives All Over The World
Photo Credit: Culturecon mainstage 2018

Photo Credit: Culturecon mainstage 2018

How CultureCon Works To Unify Creatives All Over The World

Shenae Curry
Shenae Curry Oct 10, 2019

CultureCon season is upon us!

The Creative Collective NYC has been making major noise in New York City for the past few months with the rollout of the talent, creatives, brands, and speakers that will be at 2019’s CultureCon. The lineup features pivotal heavyweights like Tracee Ellis Ross, Matthew Robinson of Dreamville, Kameron McCullough of Dusse Palooza and comedienne & singer, Jessie Woo.

#CULTURECON is a conference curated especially for you by creatives just like you. Join us for a day filled to the brim with hella inspiration to get you game-time ready for 2020. If 2019 was the year of planting seeds—2020 is the year to reap the rewards.
Get tangible advice in our break-out sessions that can take your career or side hustle to the next level. Topics include creative collaboration, creative strategy, building a business & building a life to fireside chats featuring larger than life voices— like Tracee Ellis Ross & John Legend, there’s really nothing like it.
CultureCon offers endless pop-up activations with some of your favorite brands & the good vibes of over 2,000 of your fellow creatives. Come see why FORBES calls #CULTURECON a conference “Every Creative Should Attend in 2019.”

We sat down with Imani Ellis, the founder of CultureCon and The CCNYC, to find out what inspired her to create such an impactful experience for creatives.

TN: For starters, how did you come up with The CCNYC & CultureCon?

Imani Ellis: Basically I wanted to create a community that felt like it was a representation for all parts of you. So whether you work a 9-5, have a side hustle, or you’re trying to figure it out, it didn’t keep you in a box. So I invited some of my friends over to my apartment and I told them all to bring someone they can vouch for. Some people came over and it was incredible. I called it The Creative Collective. So we did a few events and, you know, it really resonated with people, and one day I said: “you know we should do a conference!” From there, my friends, and I planned out this conference. And basically what we did was we just thought about, what are the things you’d wanna see and that’s what built CultureCon into what it is today.

TN: Wow, got it. Nice! So you’re from Atlanta, right?

Imani Ellis: I’m from Atlanta.

TN: And the event is in New York, so I’m just curious to know, what made you come to New York?

Imani Ellis: Oh my gosh, I’ve always wanted to live here. I think we always gravitate to what’s in our hearts and I’ve always wanted to work in entertainment and be around people. And to me, that’s just New York. You can be the rich man in the room or the poor man in the room & you’re still riding the Subway. And I love that. I’ve wanted this my whole life. There’s so much community here. And I love it here.

TN: I totally agree. No bias, because I’m from here. So how does your background influence and tie into the process of CultureCon, coming up with it and everything?

Imani Ellis: Well I have a corporate job and that’s my 9-5. I really think it comes from the part that I work in entertainment while being in a corporate role, and I bring certain things with me to the team that I learn at my day job. And we do have a really strong team. It’s made up of a group of people who also have a full on career. They all have their own ambitions & goals so everything and everyone coming together is really what makes it so strong.

TN: Yeah, that sounds really dope. So everyone can like pull from their own experiences?

Imani Ellis: Exactly.

TN: So what’s been your favorite culture con moment to date?

Imani Ellis: I have to say, last year when it was actually over – and not because it was over but like when you throw something like this, it’s a really impactful experience. I think we all grow somewhat from it, that it really feels like a family. And so I wouldn’t want to rush through this year. I think it’s, you know, it’s been so exciting. And this is our biggest year yet with so many people coming from all over the country. I love looking over and just seeing my community and us looking at each other and like “Did this really happen?! Is that really Tracee Ellis Ross? Is that really Keke Palmer?!” and “Are they really saying ‘CultureCon?!'” I think it’s really seeing these amazing forces who are driving culture, sitting right in front of you, and looking over your friends. And, you know, we’ve been working on this for almost 11 months as a labor of love, and I think that’s my favorite moment. Just looking over and realizing that you know, together we made it happen.

TN: Okay, yeah. I can definitely understand that just seeing everything come together. Do you have any plans to take CultureCon on the road?

Imani Ellis: Oh, my goodness. I mean, I think a lot of times, there’s a lot of suggestions. And I think they’re all really great. And but I also feel like there’s something beautiful about growing where you’re planted. I can’t say for certain, you know, over the summer, there were a few CultureCon pop-ups in Atlanta,  we went to DC & to LA and it’s so beautiful to see so many creatives across the country. So I never will say never, but right now, New York is where CultureCon lives.

CultureCon takes place this Saturday, for more information, visit

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