Did You Know Houston Rapper Slim Thug Builds Affordable Housing for Low-Income Families?
Photo Credit: Getty Images

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Did You Know Houston Rapper Slim Thug Builds Affordable Housing for Low-Income Families?

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Rachel George
Rachel George Apr 24, 2019

Houston rapper Slim Thug has been projecting important messages of investing in our own community for years, rather than materialistic things like clothes and jewelry. Aside from his Boss Hogg music, the rapper is also making boss moves by rebuilding his own community one house at a time. “If you love ya hood, buy ya hood.”

His company Boss Life Construction has built affordable housing for low-income families in Houston’s Acres Homes neighborhood since 2015. Consider it rebuilding the hood. Along with his partners, Cory Crawford and Troy Green, the company has also turned some abandoned residential properties into commercial businesses, such as Burns Burger Shack.

“Hopefully we can come together and it inspires other people to come together to keep giving back to the community,” he said in a press conference last year.

Boss Life also partnered with Radio One Houston and IJustGotHit.com to award a family devastated by Hurricane Harvey with a brand new home. Nine other families also received $1,000 toward rebuilding their life and household.

One of their projects includes three bedrooms, two-story homes in Burns Village.

Reaching to low-income youth, Slim Thug started the Boss Life Foundation preparing young men with for careers past being an entertainer, with mentoring and education programs. He hopes to send 10 students off to college with $5,000 each.

Salute to Slim Thug for reaching back to take care of the community that helped mold him into who he came to be, much more than just an entertainer.

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