A Group Of Houston Entrepreneurs Are 'Buying The Block' To Bring More Black-Owned Businesses
Photo Credit: @eddnvz via Twenty20

Photo Credit: @eddnvz via Twenty20

A Group Of Houston Entrepreneurs Are 'Buying The Block' To Bring More Black-Owned Businesses

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DeAnna Taylor
DeAnna Taylor Jun 19, 2020

Economic empowerment is the goal for many as the racial climate of the U.S. continues to shift. A group of Black entrepreneurs are adding to that narrative by buying up entire blocks in Houston’s Fifth Ward.

Real estate broker Jay Bradley teamed up with developer Chris Senegal, to revamp one of the city’s most historic neighborhoods. The two men enlisted the help of Cocoa Collective Xchange for a project they are calling ‘Buying the Block.’

The mission of these Black changemakers is to develop Black-owned neighborhoods and businesses for the area.

“When you end up finding someone who has a similar passion, the path becomes its own,” Jay Bradley, owner of Equinox Realty Group said in a statement. “The path at this point is to help the community.”

As of now, the group has raised around $650,000 from over 1,000 investors. They want to bring a sense of pride back into an area that has been hit hard by others coming in to flip homes, which has in turn raised housing costs for local residents.

“We would like to do mixed-use development, including a coffee shop, insurance office, and doctor’s office,” Bradley said. “The communities need more health resources to help support the neighborhood. When COVID-19 hit, they got hit the worst.”

The development will also include long-term rental homes as well a restaurant.

We love to see it!

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