Houston Eats
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Houston Eats

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Travel Noire Jan 13, 2014

I brought in the new year in Houston, Texas and had a chance to indulge my insatiable appetite at a few of the nicest restaurants in town:

First, I can’t say enough about a gem called The Breakfast Klub, located in midtown Houston. The Breakfast Klub has been recognized as one of the best breakfast restaurants in the nation and is fervently suggested as “a must” by Houston natives. The Breakfast Klub lived up to the hype and I was more than pleased with the impeccable customer service and insanely delicious food- which was well worth the hour long wait in 30 degree weather.

Next stop is RA Sushi Bar and Restaurant located in Highland Village. I love the setup of this restaurant because it gives off a very eclectic vibe, from the people right down to the sushi rolls. RA Sushi is known for their awesome happy hours, the first from 3 to 7 and the second from 10 to midnight. If you’ve never had a saki bomb this would be a great place to try it, I got the apple flavored sake with a Japanese beer called Kirin. And if you want to step out of the regular ‘California roll’ box, you should try one of their signature sushi rolls; the Viva Las Vegas Roll was amazing!

Benjy’s is a charming restaurant located in Rice Village, one of Houston’s many shopping districts. Benjy’s has become popular for their very attractive brunch menu – I say attractive because just reading the menu items will make your stomach growl! If you happen to miss their brunch by a few minutes like I did, they have an equally attractive lunch menu with a variety of meals to choose from.

Find yourself in Houston and find food nirvana. Bon appétit!

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