Indoor dining has opened back up in the Washington D.C area. This means no more walking into an empty restaurant, ordering takeout or even asking for an extra heater to sit outdoors.

It also means being able to make reservations at the newest hot spots, or even your favorites— socially distanced of course. If you have plans to visit the nation’s capital, here’s a list of restaurants you should make a reservation for and our order recommendations.

1. Doi Moi

Located on 14th street, Doi Moi is a Vietnamese and French fusion restaurant known for its spices and sauces. The sauces can be purchased in the market located inside the restaurant.

What to order: Try the basil fried rice and pair it with the crispy fried chicken and popular Kho Bo.


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2. Mi Vida

If you are looking for an upscale Mexican restaurant, look no further than Mi Vida. Located on the waterfront, this eatery provides stunning views of the Potomac River and even a peak at Long Bridge Park.

What to order: Try the Tablones with a cocktail like the Piñata.

3. Kramers

Kramers is a bookstore, bar and restaurant all in one. It’s by far one of the best brunch options in Washington D.C. Head in through the main entrance, grab a book and head to a pod outdoors to enjoy your meal.

What to order: Avocado toast with the Kramers breakfast special. Don’t forget the house mimosas.

4. Founding Farmers

Founding Farmers, just steps away from The White House, is a local favorite among DC natives. Owners pride themselves on being a sustainable restaurant and making everything fresh.

What to order: You can not, I repeat CAN NOT leave without trying the homemade biscuits.

5. Le Diplomate

Also located on 14th street, dining at Le Diplomate is almost like spending a day in Paris. Modern French classic cuisine with a Parisian ambiance to match.


What to order: Try the Steak Au Poivre and ricotta ravioli.