Hotels That Are Adding Additional Covid-19 Safety Initiatives
Photo Credit: @vanillestilettos via Twenty20

Photo Credit: @vanillestilettos via Twenty20

Hotels That Are Adding Additional Covid-19 Safety Initiatives

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Jade Robinson
Jade Robinson Dec 11, 2020

We are all on high-alert when it comes to being safe and around other individuals. While for some traveling hasn’t stopped, safety has taken a front seat to being a main priority when booking lodging accommodations.

These hotels have implemented a “safer” approach for check- ins and overall hotel stays.


With locations in New York, London, Singapore, Boston and more, they have implemented the #SmartStay campaign. The New York location also has self check-in with mini iPads for no person to person contact.

  • Increasing the frequency of cleaning with high-grade disinfectants on all high-touch surfaces, cabins and shared spaces
  • Implementing enhanced safety and hygiene protocols for our restaurants, cafes, bars and Grab+Go including food preparation and handling
  • Installing hand sanitizer stations throughout the hotel in both public and back of house areas for both guests and crew
  • Displaying social distancing reminders in busy area

Citizen M

Located in Boston, New York, London, Paris, Seattle , Washington D.C and more, has rolled out a full on Covid-19 safety campaign. Not only do they have self check-in through their personal Citizen M app, but some locations have a tablet in each room to do everything from order room service to changing the light settings in the room or even to set an alarm. Beyond the tablet, they have also updated their cleaning routine.

  • Every hotel is now cashless
  • Hand sanitizers throughout public areas
  • No bedspreads or carpets in guestrooms
  • They use a “75% alcohol-based disinfectant” 
  • Sealed food and drink – pick up at canteenM
  • Guests tell the hotel staff when to clean their room, via app or MoodPad

Moxy Hotels

Based in New York, San Diego, Washington D.C, London, Miami, Atlanta, Tokyo, and more has fully “committed to clean”. The hotel brand has created a set of protocols to keep all of its visitors as safe as possible.

Starting with the cleaning and deep sanitization of all rooms, elevators and other hotel grounds. While introducing contactless check-ins (in certain locations) using tablets, contactless room service, and new elevator policies.


Make sure to check the websites of the featured hotels for any updates, changes or any further announcements.

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