Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month With These Specially Curated Travel Guides
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Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month With These Specially Curated Travel Guides

Brunno Braga
Brunno Braga Sep 17, 2021

With nearly 61 million people identifying as Hispanic, as a way to honor and recognize their contributions, we celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month. 

Among the many festivities happening across the US, traveling is also a way for many to strengthen and celebrate their Hispanic heritage.

To make this planning easy, Travelocity recently launched a specially curated Hispanic travel website with eight easy-to-book experiences to help families explore more of their Latino heritage.

Families can visit the website to book trips that highlight rich Latino culture through food, landmarks and events in select cities in the United States and abroad. 

“We found that 90% of Latino parents believe it is important to pass on their culture to their children, and half (49%) said that they teach future generations about their heritage through cultural trips, in addition to speaking their native tongue at home or passing down family recipes,” said the company in a statement. “Whether they’re searching for the best ropa vieja to share in Miami or learning about history at the National Museum of Mexican Art in Chicago, Travelocity has the tools families need to confidently find and book the right trip all year long.”

Courtesy of Travelocity

For Hispanic Heritage Month, the travel company reveals that the Hispanic travel website developers curated eight trips focused on exploring some of the largest hubs for Latino culture in the United States, and beyond They include: Los Angeles, New York City, Houston, Chicago and Miami, along with destinations abroad like Mexico, Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic. 

“Through our conversations with our U.S. Latino customers, we knew that connecting to one’s culture is immensely important for these parents, and travel is a major way of achieving that with family. In fact, over 80% of Latino parents have already brought their children on culture-focused travels,” said Jorge Avalos, senior brand manager at Travelocity. 

“Latino parents are seeking ways to share family stories, traditions, language and more with their children, and we are honored to help cultivate rich experiences that may then be passed down to future generations.”

The brand enlisted several Latino parents to share their approach to fostering heritage with their children through local cuisine, attractions, sights and more in some highlighted destinations. 

Started in 1968 by Congress as Hispanic Heritage Week, it was expanded to a month in 1988. The celebration begins in the middle rather than the start of September because it coincides with national independence days in several Latin American countries like: Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua and Costa Rica celebrate theirs on Sept. 15, followed by Mexico on Sept. 16, Chile on Sept. 18 and Belize on Sept. 21.

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