A Hidden Gem: The Atlantic in Byron Bay

By Kilee Hughes


If you’ve ever heard the famous expression “if you hate Beyoncé, we can’t be friends,” then you now have a bit of an insight into my personality. But in all seriousness, that expression perfectly sums up how I feel about Byron Bay. I love every area of Australia but Byron Bay is one of the spots that hold a very special place in my heart. If you love gorgeous beaches and breathtaking views this place should be on your list of must-see vacation spots. If you ever find yourself “down under” I encourage you to stay at The Atlantic.

I first heard about The Atlantic when a friend recommended I stay there. I immediately jumped online to learn everything I could about this boutique hotel. I instantly fell in love with their Instagram account when I saw just how well they showcased the hotel and the local area. Seriously – check it out for yourself and you’ll see exactly what I mean.

Byron Bay is a beach community that has gained wild popularity in recent years. Situated next to a rainforest preserve, it has long been known primarily for its surf culture and laidback, hippie lifestyle. The unique combination of alternative cultures has drawn visitors from around the world and raised the quaint town’s profile considerably. Today, there is often talk about developing the area to make it a modern day international surfer paradise. But most locals seem determined to maintain the city’s small-town feel.

For many visitors, that atmosphere is all that’s needed to make The Atlantic an important destination on their lists of go-to hotspots. I’m not the average tourist, though – and it takes more than a surfer culture to get me to book a room in any location. However, the more I researched the area and the hotel, the more I knew that I just had to see it up close and personal. It didn’t take me long after that to make the decision to book a room and make plans for my journey to check the hotel out for myself.

So I made the trip to Byron Bay, and found myself in front of this incredible guesthouse – surrounded by a lush landscape that almost whispers sweet promises of a return to the Garden of Eden. Upon arrival, Deb who immediately made me feel like family, adding another special element to my stay, welcomed me.

Deb and the other staff members did an incredible job to ensure that I felt comfortable during my entire stay. The employees were amazing and spoke to me in a warm and friendly manner that reminded me of speaking with an old friend rather than a trained staff. While I was there my every need was anticipated and fulfilled. In short, the service was – from beginning to end – everything I could have imagined and much more.

As for the room, my three nights at The Atlantic were spent in total luxury with a full range of amenities. There was a communal kitchen that offered everything anyone could ever need. My room, like every room at the hotel was a guesthouse. It offered all the conveniences you would expect in a rented apartment, with the added benefit of lush scenery and outdoor features.

Some services available to guests during their stay include a lap pool, outdoor barbeque pits and dining settings. The nearby rainforest has accessible wooden walkways that take you past a seemingly endless array of tropical gardens. Beyond The Atlantic’s grounds the nature reserve is a spectacle unto itself.

There are a number of different room styles to choose from, all of which include air-conditioning, king-size beds, a lap pool, and satellite television. On top of that, each room has its own unique touch. The Tropical for example, offers its own private deck overlooking beautiful tropical gardens. The Simple, opens right into a garden path. These rooms provide a surf shack feel for those looking for it.

In addition to unique elements the décor at The Atlantic is nothing short of that at an art gallery. The walls are adorned with artwork from exhibitions and workshops the hotel has held over the past few years. Everything is designed and placed together creating a truly aesthetically pleasing sight for its occupants.

The property is within easy walking distance of the beach, as well as a variety of small cafes in the area. Guests are given easy access to some of the most gorgeous beaches on all seven continents. The beaches also provide guests the unique opportunity to meet and cavort with the locals, who are very friendly and engaging. The beaches have a nice blend of locals and visitors. If you’re worried about the nightlife, it’s equally as fun!

As for the cafes I mentioned earlier, they offer a little something for everyone as well. The key is to figure out the spots that the locals frequent. Since they naturally know the area and its surroundings, they typically know the best spots to grab a bite to eat. Places like The Roadhouse have some of the best drinks and organic food in the Byron Bay area. The Top Shop is the place to go if you’re in the mood for comfort foods like a burger.

There are a number of other attractions as well ensuring that any visitor will have an abundance of activities to fill their days and nights. Our three nights spent at the hotel offered not even a fraction of the time we actually would have needed to even come close to receiving the full Byron Bay experience. But, in the end, that’s not actually something to complain about, since it just gives me one more reason to plan a return trip.

*This experience was sponsored by The Atlantic Byron Bay.



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