Hertz Is Offering A Free Extra Rental Day To Help People Vote
Photo Credit: Unsplash | Obi Onyeador

Photo Credit: Unsplash | Obi Onyeador

Hertz Is Offering A Free Extra Rental Day To Help People Vote

Parker Diakite
Parker Diakite Oct 27, 2020

Hertz wants to make sure that everyone has a ride to the polls on election day.

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The car rental company, which was just ranked as 2020’s Best Rental Car Company, announced it would give everyone one day free when they reserve a car for two days and pick up their cars on Nov. 2 or Nov. 3.

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“We want to make it easier for people to exercise their right to vote – especially those who need safe and reliable transportation,” Laura Smith, Hertz Executive Vice President of Global Marketing and Customer Experience, shared in a statement. “We’re happy to provide local and convenient mobility options to the communities we serve on Election Day.”

Following the 2016 midterm election, the Performance of American Elections ran a survey of young Americans to discover their voting patterns. The survey found that 30 percent of registered young people did not vote because they said they “had no transportation to a polling place.” The survey found it was the third most common reason for not voting among young people who were not attending college.

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“This may be both due to differences in socioeconomic status and, for current students, the location of polling places on/near campus or the availability of programs to provide transportation to the polls,” the survey noted. “Transportation is a significant barrier regardless of educational attainment or other demographic differences: 29% of all youth in the survey cited it as a reason why they didn’t vote, with 15% calling it a major factor.” 

To take advantage of the promotion, use the code 210350 when making a reservation on Hertz.com.

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