Get To Know Heritage Africa: The Organization Debunking Myths Of COVID-19 In Africa
Photo Credit: @susielscribner via Twenty20

Photo Credit: @susielscribner via Twenty20

Get To Know Heritage Africa: The Organization Debunking Myths Of COVID-19 In Africa

Parker Diakite
Parker Diakite Apr 9, 2020

The comments made by two French doctors on television suggesting that COVID-19 vaccines first be tested on people in Africa because they “lack masks and other personal protective equipment,” sparked anger and a series of backlash.

Soon after the comments were made, the hashtag #AfricaIsNotYourLab went viral on social media where the doctors were condemned for “racists” and “appalling” comments.

Even more perplexing for some is the fact that when the coronavirus epidemic began, some people asked why African countries were not recording higher numbers of the virus compared to other countries.

The problem with that tone of questioning suggests if Africans were somehow genetically immune to the new virus, as explained in Al Jazeera. In addition, this line of questioning could be dangerous as the world works to save lives as it leads to spreading misinformation of facts that could cost people their lives.

Debunking Myths Of COVID-19 In Africa

One group that has been stepping up to keep people informed about the coronavirus throughout the diaspora is Heritage Africa.

The nonprofit organization is made up of a group of passionate professionals and social entrepreneurs that are actively engaged in driving the transformation of Africa.

The organization is informing people on its Instagram about the number of cases, resources on the continent, and how countries are working together to combat the virus.

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