Here’s How Flight Attendants Can Get All The Tea On You When You Fly
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Photo Credit: Getty Images

Here’s How Flight Attendants Can Get All The Tea On You When You Fly

Kelsey Marie
Kelsey Marie Oct 8, 2019

Cabin crew members have been using iPads along with the Passenger Information List (PIL) and Passenger+ systems to identify you during your flight.

This means they can access information such as how often you fly with the airline and your recent customer satisfaction survey answers. Although each airline’s system differs, there is information that is industry standard.

Sally Kennedy, British Airways Cabin Service Director, tells The Independent: “I can use the seat map to see that if there are empty seats, that I can utilize those better, maybe for customers with reduced mobility. With the iPad, I can be proactive instead of reactive.”

Cabin crew members aren’t able to see what you paid for your flight but they use the information provided to see your status and thank you if you’re a loyal flyer with the airline.

United uses the system to ensure every passenger has a satisfactory experience.

According to Travel + Leisure, the cabin crew can see the history of the last five flights if the passenger fills out a satisfaction survey after flying. If the customer consistently reports an unsatisfactory experience in their survey, the flight attendant will be alerted and therefore make more of an effort to provide the best service possible.

The system also shows birthdays and marriage anniversaries so the cabin crew staff can make your experience extra special.

For example, Singapore Airlines launched a new in-flight entertainment system that would allow passengers to resume watching the movie they were enjoying during their last flight.

With all of these system updates, you can expect your flights to be more personalized than ever before.

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