HBCU Alum Creates Marketplace For Black-Owned Food Brands
Photo Credit: RF Studio

Photo Credit: RF Studio

HBCU Alum Creates Marketplace For Black-Owned Food Brands

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Ayah A.
Ayah A. Oct 26, 2021

Keisha Spivey is the founder and CEO of SB Market, Inc. and ShopTheBlackFoodMarket.com, an online marketplace that specializes in the sale of Black-owned food brands.

A graduate of HBCU Hampton University, Keisha also earned a master’s degree in forensic psychology from John Jay College, according to BlackNews.com. However, after a while, she began to lose interest in the field and developed the desire to delve into more exciting work. It was during this time that Keisha began to reconnect with her love of cooking.

“Cooking to me represented happiness,” said Keisha. “For me, it’s the promise of spending time with my loved ones.”

Cooking soon led Keisha to create a food brand of her own. In fact, it was while engaging in a marketing webinar to develop this food business that she was inspired to launch a marketplace exclusively for Black food brands like hers.

Keisha desired to create “a centralized marketplace for buying great Black-owned food brands,” a space in which she could harness the spending power of the Black community to help build awareness about Black brands and assist them in succeeding in the ever competitive market.

Today, ShopTheBlackFoodMarket.com is the fastest-growing website offering Black-owned food brands specifically. It is a one-stop shop, providing an array of products, from pantry essentials like snacks and coffee, to interesting additions to add to your grocery list, like biotin water in a variety of fruit flavors and pilaf blends inspired by the cuisine of West Africa.

The platform doesn’t just sell these Black brands’ products. It also helps promote their businesses through cross marketing and increased visibility, which in turn leads to enhanced discoverability and more sales.

For more information, visit ShopTheBlackFoodMarket.com and follow the company on Instagram at @shoptheblackfoodmarket.

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