Hawaii Sees Rental Car Prices Of $500+ Due To Increased Tourism
Photo Credit: Photo by Nappy

Photo Credit: Photo by Nappy

Hawaii Sees Rental Car Prices Of $500+ Due To Increased Tourism

Jade Robinson
Jade Robinson Apr 5, 2021

Hawaii has become a hot destination since reopening, and the islands are taking extreme COVID-19 precautions. However, if you are planning a trip soon you might want to pick an area where things are accessible.

Because of the increase in tourism, rental car companies across the islands are running out of cars daily, causing the price of available rental cars to spike.

Where are all the cars?

During the pandemic, rental car companies sold some of their inventory because they weren’t being used due to the lack of visitors. Now that tourism has seen an increase, companies that had once more than enough inventory are lacking to keep up with the demand.

On Honolulu, some companies have charged $500 per day for SUVs and large vans, while convertibles and other luxury cars are going for $1,000 or more per day. Maui, another popular island, has seen prices of $722 per day, while in Kauai, which has strict quarantine and COVID-19 restrictions, have more normal prices of $100 per day.

Locals say the island is starting to look normal again. However, they don’t see this as a good thing, because there has been a spike in positive COVID-19 cases. They have also realized that the mask mandate isn’t being taken seriously. According to Hawaii News Now, Maui saw more than 25,000 visitors last Friday to Sunday alone.

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