Google Launches New Services To Simplify Your Vacation Planning
Photo Credit: TN

Photo Credit: TN

Google Launches New Services To Simplify Your Vacation Planning

Danielle Dorsey
Danielle Dorsey Aug 12, 2019

Google has announced new features that will help travelers plan their trips from start to finish. 

An update to Google Maps Timeline intends to help travelers catalogue their vacations by allowing them to easily keep track of where they go and when.

The feature divvies your comings and goings into categories like restaurants, shops, attractions, and hotels so you don’t have to worry about favoriting locations in order to find them later on.

Timeline will automatically add these lists to your Google Maps starred lists where you can easily access them at any time. Users can then export their lists, add notes, and easily share trip itineraries with friends.

The Verge reports that Google Flights is also launching an update that will provide users with travel guides based on where they’re traveling and when. After travelers select their dates and destinations, they’ll receive historical data on flight prices and the best time to book. Google is even offering a refund on select flights if a fare drops after booking. The refund offer begins on Tuesday, August 13th and ends September 2nd and is limited to travelers flying out of the US. 

After the flight is booked, Google will suggest accommodations to assist travelers in choosing which hotel or resort to book. Once everything has been confirmed, Google will save your itinerary data under Your Places in Google Maps.

Google Flights is also hoping to standardize the language around airline seating by showing users fare class differences on Alaska and Delta flights. Many airlines have specific verbiage on what economy seating includes and this new feature will help travelers differentiate between various economy seats.

The company plans to add other airlines in the future.

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