Make Travel A Priority In 2020 With These Goal Setting Tips
Photo Credit: svetikd

Photo Credit: svetikd

Make Travel A Priority In 2020 With These Goal Setting Tips

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Leah Freeman-Haskin
Leah Freeman-Haskin Oct 15, 2019

The start of the new year is a great time to prioritize your goals and ambitions for the coming year. If travel is at the top of that list, here are a few tips on how to set goals and stick to the process of seeing them through.

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Choose Achievable Goals

Avoid burning out early by setting unrealistic goals. Yes, dream big, but small attainable goals that lead to a larger reward will keep you motivated and on pace. If it’s saving money for travel, set an amount and date that is doable based on your current budget.

Get Specific

“I need to make more money so I can travel” is not a specific goal. Figure out realistic ways to achieve your overall goal and make those smaller steps as specific as possible. Whether it’s finding a job that allows you to travel, or concrete steps to making a move abroad, set a timeframe and choose specific goals that lead to obvious next steps.

Check In Weekly

Set a weekly check in where you review your progress. This is a good time to see your growth and where you need to improve or adjust your goals. Be honest with yourself and patient if things are moving slower than you would like.

Share Your Goals

Making your goals public is a good way to remain accountable through the process. Telling a close friend or shouting it across social media will add some weight to your goals. calls this “a public expectation of completion” where the added pressure will help you keep yourself accountable and get things done on time.

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Make A Vision Board

Visualization is a great way to set yourself up for success. Creating a vision board or uploading images from your dream destinations on your desktop is a great place to start. Imagine yourself in these places, whether it’s a new home abroad or a solo trip you’ve been dreaming about for ages. This form of mental training will make sure you remain focused on your goal.

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