GigSky: The International Phone Service With No Additional Charge To Your Phone
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GigSky: The International Phone Service With No Additional Charge To Your Phone

Amara Amaryah
Amara Amaryah Jan 11, 2022

Gone are the days of outrageous roaming charges once returning from your trip. GigSky, an app that travelers can download before leaving home which will connect them to a plan in the host country, is here to save from the trouble of international SIMs or hefty data-roaming bills.

Since 2010, GigSky has been connecting people, teams, and devices worldwide and travelers are starting to take advantage of it.

With plans available for use in over 190 countries, GigSky keeps you connected with the pay-as-you go system that starts as low as USD $10. For iPhone and Android users, there is an opportunity to connect during your trip with the eSIM which allows you to add a secondary service to your phone. This is especially useful for travelers who are hoping to purchase travel data, want a second service, or simply want to split services between voice & text and data.

As an additional bonus for long-term travelers, the service offers plans that cover an entire region, such as Latin America or Asia. With GigSky, you can purchase anywhere from a one-day plan to 30-day plans with options to top-up. It also offers a worldwide plan which provides data everywhere it is available to you, which might come in handy for digital nomads. For those without a smartphone which supports eSIM technology, there is also the option to buy a GigSky physical card for your data-on-the-go. 

Getting started with a GigSky eSIM is simple. Just look up the country or region that you’ll be heading to and the app will do all the work, offering you a clear and easy list of data plan options. Once you’ve chosen from the assortment of data plans, let the app guide you through with the step-by-step instructions to get you connected. 

GigSky also offers connectivity for iPads and connected PC’s for travelers looking for that option while on the road or at home, too. 

Your next trip doesn’t need to feature the inconvenience of Wi-Fi dependency, SIM card trouble or even excessive data roaming charges with GigSky’s data plans. 

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